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September 1 will be the beginning of the full implementation of the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services which stipulates religious groups must obtain governmental approval to share religious information online. As the new religious internet regulations came into force on March 1, let's take a look at the past months what the church in China has achieved from the legal aspect to cope with the challenge. The registered church has been attempting to pass relevant exams and obtain the permits and some of them succeed, while the house church has suffered WeChat account demolition, website shutdown, and restrictions, trying to explore any alternative to release Christian material online.

You can also read trending news as well as interviews with an American missionary couple who once served in China, a church history professor, and two pastors' voices. 
Reviewing How China’s New Internet Religious Regulations Carried out

Reviewing How the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services Carried out in Past Months Before September 1

The registered church has been attempting to pass relevant exams and obtain the permits and some of them succeed, while the house church has suffered restrictions.

Tighter Restrictions on Online Ministry Since China’s New Internet Religious Regulations Took Effect

Restrictions have been placed more intensely on the online ministry as China’s new Internet religious regulations took effect on March 1.
In the News

Shenzhen Church Baptizes 45 Seekers After Reopening

A church in China’s southeastern coastal Guangdong Province resumed in-person Sunday service with a baptism ceremony.

Training, Preaching of Sinicization of Christianity Rolled Out in Three Provinces

Churches in Liaoning, Shanxi, Guangdong, hosted training courses and preaching activities on the localization of Christianity.

Response to COVID-19 of Chinese Export Hub Yiwu

Churches in China’s southeastern coastal Zhejiang Province participated in anti-epidemic volunteer activities with donations amid the second wave of COVID-19.

Shanghai Agape Foundation Conducts Training for '99 Giving Day' Activities

Training course preparing for "99 Giving Day" in 2022 which falls on September 7-9 was held in the station of Shanghai CC&TSPM.

Korean Chinese Church in Liaoning Praises God for 6 Consecutive Days

A church which is consist of both Han and Korean ethnicities held a six-day meeting for worship and praise in Liaoning Province, located in the northeast of China.

Megachurch Pastor: Chinese Christians Need to Connect With Other Nations to Fulfill the Great Commission at the End Times

The well-known megachurch Pastor Hongjie Yu shared that there were opportunities for Chinese churches at the crisis of the end times to complete the Great Commission.

Interview With American Missionary Couple to China: ‘We Knew Nothing About China but God Called Us to Go’

In their forties, American missionary couple Stephen and Denise were called by God to share the gospel with the Chinese people. After a decade’s efforts, a church was established in one of the metropoles.  

Church History Professor Joseph T. H. Lee: The Chinese Churches Should Feel Proud of Their Past and Also Learn From Foreign Missionaries in the Past

Fascinated by history, Professor Joseph T.H.Lee, originally born in Hong Kong and now residing in the United States, started his interest in the history of Christianity in China with his Christian family heritage. 

Interview With 'Double-Faced' Rural Pastor

A rural pastor constantly feels that he is like a double-faced person because he would be a Christian while serving the church, but when he is busy with farm work, he doesn't feel like a Christian.

Pastor in East China Says Financial Independence Will Benefit the Church in the Long Run

A pastor states that the Chinese churches must value financial independence. He encourages Christians to work hard in commercial activities to promote the healthy development of the church. 
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