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Amongst groups of Chinese pastors, the most discussed topics are how to increase the membership, how to increase the number of meeting points, and pastors' feelings and reflections on the objective environment. But few pastors have had a deep, collective discussion on how the church is cultivating the "new generation of successors." In this monthly newsletter, we choose a few of these interviews, in which different pastors talk about how to raise the next generation of church leaders.

You can also read trending news as well as articles about the living conditions of grassroots pastors, a Christian depression rehabilitation center, and the aging issue. 

Church Leaders Need Raise Consciousness to Cultivate Emerging Generation Leaders

Amongst groups of Chinese pastors, how the church is cultivating the "new generation of successors" is rarely discussed. A well-trained millennial pastor calls church leaders to urgently cultivate young pastors.

Apprenticeship May Be Applicable to Chinese Church to Cultivate New Leaders

A pastor in North China shares that compared with the pastor's employment system in the West,  apprenticeship may be more applicable to the Chinese church to train new generation leaders. 

Older Generation Pastors Should Formulate Better Handover System

A pastor who was born in the 1970s in southeast China and serves part-time in the church urged church leaders to formulate a handover system for younger generation successors. 

Acquiring Income Skills Outside of Church May Be Essential for Next Generation Pastors

When training full-time preachers today, pastors may consider the need for them to have additional living skills as a contingency plan. 
In the News

New Year Messages: Happy New Year, Revive the Church!

On the occasion of the New Year 2023, registered churches in China sent out New Year Bible verses and messages to bless all believers.

Zhejiang Church Sends Out Self-Written Spring Festival Couplets

A church organized believers to write and distribute Christian couplets and the Chinese character "fu", which means blessing and good fortune.

World Watch List 2023: China Ranks Top 16 Country Where Christians Are Most Persecuted

Open Doors launched its World Watch List 2023 on Wednesday, where China ranks top 16 among the 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted.

Cross on Top of Hudson Taylor Memorial Tower Removed, Says Informant

The cross that had topped the Hudson Taylor Memorial Tower in Zhenjiang, has been removed as shown in a picture circulating on the Internet, said an informant.

Pastors, Underprivileged Cared for in 3 Provinces

Church staff, local pastors, and vulnerable groups were visited by Christian leaders from the three provinces of Shanxi, Jiangxi, and Fujian.

Zhejiang Elder Dies of COVID-19 at 94

Elder Yuan Xiangzhong, who died of COVID-19 at 94, set a good example for us by giving his whole life to God and fighting for the gospel for decades. 

Interview: We Must Draw Lessons from the Past Since the Church Reopened in China in the 1980s

Among the many rivalries, what impressed Pastor Meng most was the competition among churches about the number of ordained ministers.

More Churches Start to Care about Living Conditions of Grassroots Pastors

Pastors have always been givers. When people care about them, they will be touched and be much more confident. This is not only material help but also spiritual help.

Christian Depression Rehab Center Heals the Brokenhearted With Fatherly Heart

A Christian workshop that helps people with mild to moderate depression recover and return to daily life is little known. 

Roundtable: How Should the Church React to the Immediate Needs of the Aging Population?

The church must realize the importance of hospice care and death education as China sees more aging population.
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