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In China, there are 22 registered seminaries where students graduate to serve in TSPM churches and numerous underground seminaries and Bible schools. This summer thousands of students graduate from official and unofficial seminaries and schools. Usually, students are recommended and funded by their churches or pastors to enroll in a seminary then they study for one to four years. After graduation with diplomas, they choose to go back to work in mother churches or move to other places. Sadly, their average salaries are not high, compared to normal jobs. Suffering from financial difficulties without a support system or under misconceptions such as "being poorer meaning more godly", some work part-time to support their families and ministries, while some leave the church for secular jobs. This month we compile their graduation news and stories to give you a glimpse of this group. 

You can also read trending news as well as articles about the online challenges posed by the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services, the whole picture of Christian drug rehabilitation institutions in China, and a tourist attraction church story. 
Chinese Seminary Graduates

162 Students Graduate from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary

The only national seminary in China’s eastern-coastal Jiangsu Province held the 2022 Graduation Ceremony and service for 162 students who graduated this summer. 

Two Seminary Conduct Graduation Ceremonies

This year more than 130 theological students have graduated from the provincial-level Jiangsu Theological Seminary and  Yanjing Theological Seminary.

Overcoming Difficulties, Seminary Graduates Return to Local Churches

This article provides an in-depth view on the condition of local Christian churches and the challenges facing theological students after graduation.

What Does the Soon-to-be Graduate Seminary Student Think of 'Low Pastor Salaries' ?

Muzi, a millennial seminary graduate, once gave up studying theology for fear of the hard life of a pastor. Facing the possible future financial struggles, she regains faith.

Losing Half of Seminary Graduates, Church in Hebei Seeks Solution

A church in Daming county, Northern China, plans to hold a friendship association to find back those seminary graduates who work outside the church due to financial pressure.

'Graduation Season': Stories of 10 Theological Graduates Who Ever Left Ministry

With a batch of theological students graduating from seminary and going to the threshing floor, there are some other theological students who have left the church for various reasons.
In the News

Training Programs for Church Volunteers, Pastoral Staff in Liaoning, Yunnan

Training courses for volunteer pastors and pastoral staff were carried out in Liaoning and Yunnan provinces respectively.

Over 30 Seekers Baptized in Jiangsu Church

More than 30 seekers were baptized in a church in Jiangsu on the eastern coast of China.

Christian Websites Commanded to Delete Mass Religious Keyword Articles

Several Chinese Christian websites were commanded by their servers to delete mass articles that contained religious keywords.

Fund Donated to Flood-Affected Churches in Yingde

About 50,000 yuan was given to four churches in Yingde City which was seriously hit by a once-in-a-century flood.

United Front Work Department Sends Officials into Church

A registered church in northeastern China will receive local officials to be stationed in.

Christian Creative Writing Award Issued to 18 Pieces

The winner list of the Christian writing award was revealed to 17 authors.

Panel: Three IT Technicians Discuss How Churches Should Respond to Online Challenges Under Regulations

Three Christian professionals who have been engaged in IT technology for many years explained their understanding of some terms in the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services. 

A Survey on the Christian Drug Rehabilitation Institutions in China

This report gives an overview of the Christian drug rehab institutions in Greater China. Their features and characteristics are compared and contrasted across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Stationed at a Church in Tourist Attraction for More Than Ten Years

A pastor serving at a church located in a tourist attraction shared his role and the unique ministries of his church. 

Church in East China Inspires Elderly Believers to Participate in Ministries

Happy families may be similar, but not quite the same. Several Christian families are striving to practice their faith in their family worship under the COVID-19 lockdown. 
Law & Books

Two Heilongjiang Churches Obtain Internet Religious Information Service Licenses

Three religious groups in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province were given the first batch of "Internet Religious Information Service License".

Wuxi Church Obtains Internet Religious Information Service License

Wuxi Christian Church was awarded the "Internet Religious Information Service License" issued by the local authorities, being the first church in Wuxi to receive this license. 
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