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Worship & praise are considered one of the most important church ministries in China. This month we selected four new and old articles about music worship to give you a glimpse of the ministry in China. Some workers claim that the worship part just serves for the proclamation of the word of God afterward, and worship ministry has been greatly impacted by the Southeastern Asian style, which highlights "singing with the heart" rather than techniques. A music producer holds that it will take two generations for Chinese worship to really rise as young people embrace a better music environment and higher education. "Hip-hop," a controversial issue in the church, was once hotly debated among the Christian community after being used in an evangelistic music meeting to reach millennials.

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Praise and Worship Ministries in China

Interview: Worship & Praise Serves for Proclaiming the Word of God

A worship leader shares the meaning of worship and praise, the relationship between the worship ministry and the church, and reaching nominal Christians. 

Christian Music Producer Says Chinese Music Worship Can Be Better

A Chinese music producer believes that it will take two generations for Chinese worship to really rise in an interview themed with "How to Understand Worship and Praise."

Worship Worker in East China: Southeast Asian Worship Style Greatly Impacts Church in China

In Southeast Asian churches, almost all bands do not talk about gaudy cooperation, and what they have always emphasized is that “less is more." 

Holy Hip-hop Crusade Sparks Debates: Does Rapping Worship God?

Can rap music be a way to worship God? Debates were sparked after a famous Chinese worship and praise team sang holy hip-hop to reach millennial lovers of music. 
In the News

United Bible Societies Delegation Visits China

The United Bible Society delegation recently visited CCC&TSPM, Shanghai CC&TSPM, and Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. 

CCC&TSPM Receives First Delegation From Outside Mainland China Since COVID-19

CCC&TSPM welcomed a delegation from the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union, the first time receiving visitors from outside the mainland since COVID-19. 

Chinese Churches Celebrate 2023 World Day of Prayer

Churches across China held worship services to celebrate the 2023 World Day of Prayer with the theme of “Reconciled in Christ," which falls on March 3.

Government Work Report Stresses Adapting Religions to Chinese Context

The government work report issued in early March said that China should adhere to the basic policy on religious affairs and the sinicization of religion this year. 

103 Pastors Trained in Central China

A five-day training course was held for 103 pastors in Hubei Province.

Chinese Worship Music Website Closes Down Due to Force Majeure, a popular website for worship music among Chinese Christians, has ceased operations due to "force majeure."

Chinese Pastors Explore What True Revival Is Through Asbury Revival

A number of pastors in China, especially those in the young adult ministry, took great interest in the Asbury Revival. 

Why Small Group Ministry a Misfit in Grassroots Churches

Pastoral workers share three reasons for small group ministry being a misfit in grassroots churches at present.

In Memory of Pioneer Missionary Nielsen Ellen at the Foot of Dagu Mountain

An abridged life story of a female missionary from the Danish Lutheran Church to Northeast China in the early 20th century.

Feature: China's Visitation Ministries' New Tries

In the post-pandemic era, grassroots churches in China provide practical experiences of visitation ministry in their new tries. 
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