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As the world enters into the post-pandemic era, many church leaders have been rethinking how to transform the church. Some shift to pastoral ministry which focuses on building relationships with the congregation, some prefer the "micro church" to return to the early church model, and others urge traditional churches to reach urban people with an understanding of their characteristics and their needs. Different explorations are on the way. 

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Big Church or Small Church? Pastor Calls for Better Appreciation of Micro Church

Instead of arguing about megachurches or small churches, Pastor W suggests the Chinese church consider about micro church model in the post-pandemic era. 

Interview: Traditional Church Can Target the Characteristics, Needs of Urban People

A southern China pastor recalled how his traditional church has been transformed to target the urban middle class based on the characteristics of cities and the workplace. 

'We Want Both Pastoral Care and Ministry to Be Long-Lasting', Says Pastor

"We hope that the pastoral care can last for a long time, and the service can also last for a long time," said a pastor when reviewing his pastoral ministry.

Churches Cannot 'Lie Down'' in the Environment of Running in Place, Says Pastor

Pastor D from East China states that the church should not lie down in the atmosphere of running in place, but should still strive for development and discipline.
In the News

Shenzhen Church Baptizes 19 People

Besides the nineteen followers of Jesus baptized at Pinghu Church in Shenzhen on November 20, some other individuals unable to move freely received baptism conducted at home. 

Foreign Services Resume in Shanghai

In-person English and Cantonese services have resumed in Shanghai. 

China Bans Korean Heresy ‘Berea Church’

Local authorities in China have issued the announcement of banning Korean heresy “Berea Church” in the past three years.

In Memory of the 10th Anniversary of Bishop K. H. Ting’s Death

The commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the late Bishop K. H. Ting’s death was held at his grave.

Lecture: Watchman Nee and 'Self-Support' of Chinese Christianity

A professor highlighted Chinese church leader Watchman Nee's contributions to the medical industry in China other than his devotion to the church. 

‘Matter + Spirit: Chinese/American Exhibition’ on Display in Taylor University

Matter + Spirit: A Chinese/American Exhibition was on display from Nov. 4 through to Dec. 12, in the Metcalf Gallery, Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center at Taylor University.

Roundtable: Travel and Faith—Cultural Tours, Its Implications for Christian Life Growth

Guests from various sectors share their experiences with Christian cultural tours. They talk about how Christian cultural tours impacts on our Christian faith. 

Impact of COVID-19 on Elderly Believers

Unlike young people, the elderly are not good at using electronic devices to reserve seats for services. A consequence is that they disappeared from the church after reopening. 

'Homosexual' Pastors Seek Counseling Help

Many church workers come to a psychological counseling ministry for help and it turns out that they are homosexuals. 

[Feature] Voice of Tramp Volunteer: Brothers and Sisters, Get Ready to Serve!

When Sister Wang sees that many Christians only meet in the church and do not practice God’s Word, she urges them to get ready to serve.
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