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This month we turn to pastors' salaries, a very "sensitive" issue in the Chinese church. A large portion of church leaders hold that pastors who are called by God should "live by faith" - a famous slogan initiated by Hudson Taylor - popular in the Chinese Christian community. They regard it as a path of the cross every pastor should carry and a calling from God rather than a profession. Grassroots pastors, particularly rural pastors who serve in poor areas, underpaid or even not paid, are difficult to make ends meet and the younger generation are more likely to work outside the church. Seeing the financial need of raising families, some leaders promote setting up a payment system or a special fund to guarantee their daily life.

You can also read trending news as well as articles about innovative ministries, Chinese churches' four revivals, and the situation of the church in the central part. 

[Feature] Landscape of Rural Preachers Salaries in China, Causes and Solutions

The "poor preachers" phenomenon appears more frequently in the countryside. It is more evident in some places such as Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Hunan, and Shaanxi, and some preachers struggle to survive.

Preachers' Response to Sensitive Arguments about Grassroots Pastors' Salary

Financial struggle is a common phenomenon faced by grassroots pastors in many churches. Pastors across churches in China are interviewed to share their views on the argument of preachers' salaries.

Rural Church Leaders Should Raise Awareness About Paying Pastors

Older generation church leaders, with the same concept decades ago, believe that staff members should not get a wage. Now it is not difficult for the church to afford one pastor thanks to China’s economic growth.

Interview: Payment System Is Essential to Keep Pastors at Work

An experienced pastor shares a successful case of providing pastors with enough salaries in Fujian Province amid a general situation that underpaying Chinese pastors may choose to leave their ministries due to financial pressure. 
In the News

Delegation of Chinese Churches Attend the World Council of Churches 11th Assembly

Seven Chinese church delegates participated in the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches held in Germany, joining in ecumenical conversations and introducing the church in China to the worldwide.

Asia 2022 Congress Opens in Thailand to ‘Rethink Church and Mission’

About 600 Christian leaders from across Asia gathered in Thailand to “rethink church and mission” in mid-October.

CCC&TSPM Meets New Leaders of United Bible Societies China Partnership Virtually

The leaders of China Christian Council met two new directors of the United Bible Societies China Partnership after Kua Wee Seng retired in 2021. 

We Continue to Develop Christianity in the Chinese Context: Chairman of CCC&TSPM

Xu Xiaohong, chairman of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, wrote an article "Ten Years of Sharpening a Sword: Continue to Deepen and Realize the Sinicization of Christianity" to welcome China's 20th National Congress.

Jilin, Shanghai Celebrate 'Charity Day'

Churches in Jilin and Shanghai launched activities on “Christian Charity Day" to contribute to society. 

Liaoning Believer Transcribes the Whole Bible 3 Times in 8 Years

Converting to Christianity 14 years ago, a male believer in Liaoning Province spent eight years making three copies of the Old and New Testaments.

Interview With Pastor in Southern Fujian: Funeral Services Could Be Blessing to Many

A church shares its story and experience in offering funeral services — one of the key ministries to engage believers and reach people. 

Christian Leader Shares Four Church Revivals in Modern China

A megachurch pastor believes that the church in modern China has experienced a total of four revivals and shares three warnings amid rising religious restrictions. 

Situation of Churches in Central China in 2022 Under Pandemic

Recently, a new outbreak of the pandemic has hit our lives again, bringing many churches' offline ministries to a halt. The scheduled course study had to be canceled due to the pandemic. I had to cancel my scheduled work visit too.

Millennial Pastor Leads Hometown Rural Church to Small-Group Ministry

Supporting pastoral care in groups rather than preaching at the altar, a millennial pastor believed that small-group ministry comes from the Bible. The rural pastor stated, "Not only my church, but all churches should disciple believers in groups."
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