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East or West, which is best? The history of Christianity in China must relate to the West as the gospel was introduced by foreign missionaries into the country. An American Chinese church history professor explores how Christianity took root in China owing to his Christian family heritage, urging the Chinese church to feel proud of its accomplishments and learn from the missionaries. However, a Chinese pastor, calls on Christians in China to be cautious about overseas theological education and preaching because the West doesn't share the same situation as the East. She adds that many questions arise as most church history material is written from the Western-centered perspective. The Chinese must balance westernization and localization. 

Chinese Christians Must Be Cautious about Overseas Theological Education, Preaching, Says Pastor

Pastor H argues that even though the preaching of those overseas pastors is good, the pastors do not share the same living environment with believers but merely connected by a remote control. 

Female Pastor Says Sinicization of Christianity Breaks Concept of West-Centered Church History

With many years of ministry experience in China, Pastor H revealed that the sinicization of Christianity is more than a political campaign but works as a way to break our concept of west-centered church history.
In the News

Christian Charities Raise Funds for Special People on Tencent's 99 Giving Day

Many Christian charities across China invited Chinese netizens to participate in matching donations for their projects helping the disadvantaged. 

Coastal Churches Hold Service to Honor the Elderly

The Centennial church in Zhejiang Province, on the southeastern coast of China, held a service to honor the elderly, reported Jiaojiang Church.

Shanghai Dedicates New Church Building

A service was held to celebrate a centennial church’s relocation and reconstruction in Shanghai.

3 Jiangsu Churches Hold Mid-Autumn Festival Services

Worship and praise meetings were hosted in three churches to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Intercession Needed for Repairing Centurial Church in Fujian

A nearly 100-year-old Gothic brick and wood church in Fujian Province urgently needs to be repaired due to water leaks and damaged roofs, for which four million yuan is yet to be raised.

In Memory of the 120th Birthday of British Missionary Gladys Aylward, Evangelist Shares Her Mission in Turkey

A senior cross-cultural evangelist talking about her preaching experience in Turkey to mark the 120th birthday of a female British-born missionary named Gladys Aylward.

Interview With Ukraine Delegate: ‘We Should Not Get Used to the War in Ukraine’

The message Bohdan Mostovyi urges to tell is that Ukraine is still at war and innocent blood is being shed every day. “We should not get used to the war,” he said. “Only together we can solve this problem, only united we can have peace.”

Feature: Gen Z Preacher Chooses to Go Back to the Countryside

Brother L resolutely chose to return to a rural church in his hometown to serve and care for elderly people all day. In today's rapid urbanization process in China, this is an unusual scenario.

Story: Christian Barber's Decade of Social Service

Mr. Peanut, who used to be a barber, shared how he took a turn to serve full-time in the community through his gifts and skills. 

Interview: Equality Means Partnership and Being Together

Orthodox woman theologian Dr. Dimitra Koukoura said gender justice involves partnership, mutual respect and commitments, and being together between men and women.
Books & Law

Book Release: Karl Ludwig Reichelt: Missionary, Scholar & Pilgrim

Recently, the Chinese version of Karl Ludwig Reichelt: Missionary, Scholar & Pilgrim, written by Eric John Sharpe, was published in Hong Kong.

Religion and Rule of Law: Canon Law and Chinese Law Symposium Held Online

An academic symposium titled "Religion and the Rule of Law: Canon Law and Chinese Law" was jointly hosted by the organizations of China and Italy.
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